December 06, 2008

After the American Century's First Birthday

After the American Century

Now that the Obama presidential team is all but assembled, it is time to take stock. One year ago no one imagined that either Obama or McCain would be nominated. A month after the election, Obama has become a familiar beacon of hope to the American people and others around the world. We are in difficult times, and we hope his team will be able to deal with the many problems in inherits from the dysfunctional Bush Administration. I will continue to comment on events as they unfold.

This Blog has now existed a few days less than one year, and it has been far more interesting to me than I anticipated. In fact, I have written 133 blogs, and these have been read in 61 countries by thousands of people. But in the course of the year I have also found that the largest number of these readers - more than half - come from Denmark. The next largest group are in the United States. It is not surprising to anyone who surfs the net, that half of all site visitors come by for less than 10 seconds. But the geography of these casual visits is interesting: 75% of those from the US fall into that category. In contrast, just 25% of Danish (and Norwegian, Swedish, and German) visitors drop in for such a short time. 75% of them stay much longer and evidently are reading more of what appears here. Based on these statistics, provided by Google, in the future I will regard readers in northern Europe as my primary audience, and hope that those from North America (hello Canadian readers!) will be interested in such a viewpoint.

I should also add that I have been pleased with the occasional feedback, both in person and on line, and promise to continue this enterprise in 2009.

At this busy season, I am about to rush off to day of rehearsing, singing, and partying afterwards, and hope this finds you all similarly busy with Christmas.